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Dolphin & Snorkeling Tours Panama City Beach is the most popular and largest Panama City snorkeling and dolphin boat tour provider.

Our captains are local and know all the secrets of St. Andrews Bay, Upper Grand Lagoon, Lower Grand Lagoon, Gulf of Mexico and Shell Island have to offer. We love dolphins, beaches, shells, boat rides and exploring the waters as much as you do.

Dolphin & Snorkeling Tours Panama City Beach is one of Panama City Beaches’ most popular water attractions. The dolphin tours bring you closer to the local wild life and experiences available for everyone to explore. 

Visit Dolphin & Snorkeling Tours Panama City Beach. Our staff can’t wait to show you a great time in the beautiful waters of the Gulf Coast.  What will you do on your next trip to Panama City Beach?


Our Guided Boat Dolphin Tours will be the most memorable experience of your Panama City Beach Holiday. These interactive boat tours are designed to keep you close and personal with intimate bottle nose dolphins thriving in the waters around Shell Island, St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Our captains are locals and know all the dolphin behavior patterns in Panama City Beach. They will offer an educational and fun Eco tour the entire family will enjoy.

Our boats are set up specifically to give dolphins a chance to get up close and personal. If swimming with dolphins is your children’s dream trip, this is your chance to make their dreams come true. All boats have ladders that allow quick access to water and a quick and easy way back into the boat. Snorkeling equipment is provided and our Captains are always happy to accompany you and the kids into the water to find shells, starfish, crabs, fish and explore the sunken boat just off Shell Island.

We keep the passenger groups on our boats small so that each tour can be customized to suit your specific wishes. These are private, family or friends tours. No strangers. No lines. No waiting. Customize your own private dolphin and snorkeling tours by letting the captain know which salt water excursion you are interested in experiencing.     

Some of your options include snorkeling on Shell Island’s sunken boat, swimming with the dolphins, boat cruises finding different pods of dolphins in St. Andrews Bay, Lower Lagoon or the Gulf of Mexico. You can also enjoy a walk on the beach, hunting for sand dollars, starfish, crabs, all kinds of fish and wild birds. These are parts of our wonderful eco-tours our visitors love the most.

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Panama City Beach is known for the largest Dolphin population anywhere on the Gulf Coast. Dolphins are used to seeing friends, fishermen and visitors and are boat curious. Our Panama City Dolphin tours are the best way to see dolphins because our guides know all the dolphin Hangouts and teach you safe ways to experience them while remaining within the current laws set by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Agency.

Dolphin & Snorkeling Tours Panama City Beach invites you to experience the Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours on your own PRIVATE TRIP. Book a dolphin tour today.


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Monday – Sunday: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

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